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VCR Print Company is always happy to receive any questions, inquiries or comments you may have.  You can find our mailing address and individual contact information below.
VCR PRINT COMPANY LTD.                                    SHIPPING ADDRESS
2B - 220 West 17th Street                                   13566 Maycrest Way
North Vancouver, B.C.    V7M 1V6                         Richmond, B.C.    V6V 2J7
Canada                                                                 Canada
Main Tel.:  604-649-2616          Main Office Fax:  604-214-9698


Randy Rasmussen:   Tel:  604-214-9695       email:
Greg Durst:   Tel.: 604-649-2616               email:   OR
Randy Rasmussen
Customer Service
Phone: 6042149695
Cell: 604.376.0611